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The internet doesn’t spawn mass movements, bonded together by a shared taste in music, fashion and ownership of subcultural capital: it spawns brief, microcosmic ones.

"How Young Are You?" Our guest article for DDB Mudra Group’s India Youth Report

DDB Mudra Group’s India Youth Report from Samyak Chakrabarty

Inspiring, useful and insightful report published by India’s largest marketing network, exploring Indian youth across six themes: Beauty, Money, Sex, Love, Faith and Substance.

Beyond the relevant local mindsets, the report also features other guest articles by Mikko Ampuja (Finnish youth), Jeroen Boschma (*bliep case study from Holland), Maia Sethna (future of fashion) and Anant Goenka (future of news)

The full article with links (and some GIFs) is also available on Medium.

Big thanks to Samyak Chakrabarty and Vaspaan Dastoor from DDB Mudra Group.



How would you celebrate the launch of the first mobile operator created and managed by young people?

A/ Inviting the youngest DJ on the planet: *DJ Mamy Rock

How young are you?

(by WhatTheBliep)


”..You guys are young.. you are going to do all that shit… you know what… just make sure your passion is at the forefront of all that shit”.

- Pharrell Williams talking to his ICECREAM skate team. x i am OTHER 

+ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovWk6JkAKVM

Pharrell’s ICECREAM Team (by iamOTHER)


When an energy drink becomes a media house… Epic creative collaboration. Respect! CANADA, Justice † and Red Bull: Le Making Of ‘New Lands’

Justice - New Lands - Le Making Of — Musique Vidéos — Red Bull


*bliep @whatthebliep, a new dutch telecomprovider created by young people for young people, a generation of minds who don’t trust advertising.

Inspiring and refreshind work by our partners and friends Gadfly 


More info: http://www.bliep.nl/#/home

@whatthebliep : the truth about Telcos’ tricks and scams revealed by young people. Like!

@whatthebliep : the truth about Telcos’ tricks and scams revealed by young people. Like!